「Fooding Tourism」

Encounters in Tsuruoka, the only city in Japan named a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy; Time and ambience enriched by its affluent agri-food

Visit rice fields and farms with beautiful sunsets in the background, to learn about organic farming.
Spend time listening to a farm owner with a ruling passion for local agriculture and gastronomy in Shonai.
Well-being is being able to enjoy four different seasons with freshly-harvested vegetables.
After visiting Farm Restaurant by NAA, the top Japanese farm restaurant located in Tsuruoka, a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, to see how organic farming is carried out, you will be able to enjoy local dishes made from safe and delicious ingredients grown locally with care. While listening to the owner’s thoughts on ingredients, organic farming, and how difficult it is to run a farm restaurant, among other anecdotes, you will spend an exquisite time enriched by agriculture and gastronomy in this land of affluent nature.

Nov. 2017 : 18 (Sat), 24 (Fri)
Dec. 2017 : 1 (Fri), 9 (Sat), 15 (Fri), 23 (Sat)
Jan. 2018 : 12 (Fri), 20 (Sat), 26 (Fri)
Feb. 2018 : 3 (Sat), 9 (Fri), 17 (Sat), 23 (Fri)
Mar. 2018 : 3 (Sat), 9 (Fri), 17 (Sat)

15:50 Meet at Farm Restaurant by NAA (by taxi etc. at your own expense)
16:00 Orientation, including simple self-introduction
16:10 Visit to farmers’ working sites (while enjoying the rich nature)
16:50 Talk on the owner’s passion for and living with agriculture while running a restaurant
17:30 Free time
18:30 Enjoy leisurely seasonal plates of freshly-harvested local vegetables, among others, from Shonai
20:30 Closing (You will receive some gifts of vegetables, etc.)
Dismissal (Return trip or lodging at your own expense)

Farm Restaurant by NAA
Ko 41 Fukuda, Tsuruoka, Yamagata 997-0006
Phone: 0235-25-8694
Owner: Norimasa Onodera
Website: Type in “farmer's restaurant naa” to search

Cost (tax inclusive)
13,800 yen (Interpreter’s fee inclusive)
※Optional: Lodging for 8,000 yen (tax inclusive)
Minimum number of participants: 2

A UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy

In December 2014, Tsuruoka became the first Japanese city to be designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. The city boasts of more than 50 different kinds of traditional vegetables, among which the dadacha bean is one of the major kinds, inherited over generations. The Three Mountains of Dewa, known as the sacred places for Shugendo, are located in Tsuruoka, where shojin ryori, or vegetarian cuisine, has also been preserved since long ago. With such evaluated tangible and intangible assets, the city is still now the only City of Gastronomy in Japan (18 cities are designated globally).

Unique Organic Farming

At Farm Restaurant by NAA ingredients are supplied by the family-owned Onodera Farm. Focusing on the cyclical model-based “soil making” for a long time, the farm has been committed to pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer-free cultivations of vegetables and rice, including Hitomebore. Organic farming requires a lot of time and effort. Onodera Farm has relentlessly been making every effort to deliver safe and truly delicious food to every table.

Farm Restaurant by NAA

Rice and vegetables grown with a lot of care and effort provide us with truly exceptional deliciousness. At Farm Restaurant by NAA, we offer traditional local dishes of in-season fish and meat combined with rice and vegetables harvested at Onodera Farm. Transmitting the warmth of local people, food can warm up your stomach and your heart.
According to “Nikkei Plus 1” of Nikkei Inc., NAA was ranked the top of the “Ten Farm Restaurants to Taste Nature with Extraordinary Landscape” in 2013 and 2014.

Norimasa Onodera, Owner

After graduating from the National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka College, Mr. Norimasa Onodera, who was then working in Yokohama as an engineer, returned to his hometown to engage in agriculture with his family, and has been running the restaurant and the farm stay inn.

Farm Stay Inn “Omoya”

Limited to two couples a day, the farm stay inn “Omoya” is available for lodging. Remodeled after his own 130-year-old residence into a minshuku, or Japanese-style bed and breakfast, the authentic Japanese building has an air of the good old days in Japan.

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